5 definitions by nevasboy

in hunting it is the condition that occurs when one is so mesmerised by a deer that u miss your shot...in my life it is the condition where females are so mesmerised by me (my last name is buck) that they have no choice but to get moist and want to lay with me
Kevin told me that those girls called me all night long...damn they had buck fever like nobody's business.
by nevasboy July 17, 2005
to have hardcore sex
I need to go to the crib and knock it with that hoe Karen
by nevasboy February 29, 2004
when you reach the level of highness that causes you to believe yourself to be the cobra from the car alarm commercial that bites the shit out of the car burglar.
me and my homie k dog got so fucking cobra armed last night
by nevasboy February 29, 2004
when assholes add words to urban dictionary before you can get to them and they are far worse than your original idea ever was.
i was going to add mayor mccheese to urban dictionary but some asshole poop spewed me.
by nevasboy February 23, 2004
a set of really nice titties, often fairly large and wonderful to look at
I never knew that girl had mankey titties until she wore a swimsuit
by nevasboy October 29, 2004