4 definitions by smokey chantrel

A flu like reaction to seeing a large buck while deer hunting. Often the symptoms are loss of breath, uncontrollable shaking, inability to shoot a firearm accurately, and a tremendous feeling of shame, imbarrasment and or depression.
Pattrick had no less than five bucks run past his stand and managed to only get off one shot that almost hit me. Now thats one bad case of h1g1 (buck fever)!
by smokey chantrel November 5, 2009
when a person goes though a hard break up and decides to sleep wit everyone in their path
ever since jane and john broke up they sure been on the whorepath
by smokey chantrel August 3, 2009
a girl who sleeps with everyone but you and is a super bitch!!
liz called me an a ahole cuz i called her out for banging the entire staff, then she slashed my tires im gonna back hand that slunt!
by smokey chantrel October 8, 2009
when in the middle of urinating a man has a myoclinic type jerk causing a emergency clean up
i was at thanksgiving at my girlfriends and had a pee jerk reaction took me 5 mins to clean up
by smokey chantrel January 15, 2010