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cames from russian "Alenism" which refers to women, who use emotional suppression of husband, to manipulate or comand him. MOst often you can checkthisout if you try to stay at appartements of woman more than for 3 days, even if She invite you to stay. for 3 days nice woman turns into deer hunter who try to comand you, because you live at her appartments.

So technically this is a Venus trap for male when woman try to estrangle man, by coocking food, and comand to man kinda "wash a grill", and if he refuse to so so - next step if strong emotional pushing on him.

Other way you can buy already baked food, and do no have a headache with washing, because it's economically not so nice investment of time (you can compare it to your wage).

Thats why its important to be in equal position to woman, and base relations on love from woman side only (or else - all that dating stuff, will looks lite trading, and gifts of new deer)
I don't want to be another deer of that slut, so i jumpout from that "relations" - i don;t like deer hunting
by CaptnO February 17, 2015
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