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a person with a non-conformist state of mind. non-conformist in the sense that they don't conform to the socially accepted, but in return conform to other hippies with the same peace of mind ideaology. not always disillusioned by the use of psychedelics, marajuana, or other drugs. which is a common misconception. their common ambitions are for a utopia. they are anti war, many are vegeterian, and act in non violent protest (if they do use violence they are hypocritical) it is unfair to make steriotypes of these people who just want to live their lives with equality and love, and peace.
"Hippies started the ecology movement. They combated racism. They liberated sexual stereotypes, encouraged change, individual pride, and self-confidence. They questioned robot materialism. In four years they managed to stop the Vietnam War. They got marijuana decriminalized in fourteen states during the Carter Administration." Timothy Leary
by Olivia September 28, 2004

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1.to have intercoarse with someone.
2.to pleasure yourself with somone that you will never see again.
3. to do the best thing known to man kind
4. what happens to the girl in the herbal essensces comercial with shampoo
ooooohhhhh ooooooooohhhhhhh oooooohhh
thats the spot baby right there yes yes yes yes little to the left aaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
by Olivia July 18, 2004

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Used to describe (usually in relation to consumption and marketing) a person who has entered the "in between" years before adolescence (see teenager); children between the ages of 10 and 12. These children display common traits, interests, and developing psychologies separate from those in younger, and older age brackets. Commonly abbreviated to "tween". See related words: pre-teen, young adult
These clothing products are specifically marketed to tweenagers.
by olivia November 13, 2003

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an orgasim acheived with 3 or more people.
last night i had an orgie with jeff,kurt,and jhonny.
by Olivia July 18, 2004

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This women stars in the NBC drama Law and Order SVU pplaying detective Olivia Benson. She is an Awesome actress! No Doubt!
such as mariska hargitay
by olivia March 22, 2005

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Intense arousal experienced by homosexuals.
Weston keeps looking at Petey's ass and Don's crotch. He must have that Buck Fever!
by Olivia October 19, 2003

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1. Another spelling of the word "know".
2. To understand, to be informed.
1.Bill and I knoe a secret.
by Olivia September 06, 2003

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