1.Pain in the ass
2. Really cute boy
3. Douche Bag
4. Really really hot!!
5. I'd tap that
6. Totally kissable
7. Big dick
8. Acne face
9. Nice ass
10. Highly perverted
Bronson:*walks over to a hot chick, taps her on shoulder* "hey are you from Tennessee? Cause your the only ten l see"

Hot chick: *turns around* "are you a bank? Because you should leave me a loan. " *turns back around*

Bronson: " ahhh oh damn she's feisty, but that's the way I like ehm!" *grabs hot chicks ass*

Hot chick: "oh you like that bad boy? Well how do you like this!?" * kicks Bronson in balls*

Bronson: *cries on ground. In fetal position, while cupping his balls*

Hot chick: *laughs and walks away with friends*
by Who dat Girl? December 31, 2013
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A synonym for "beer." It is used interchangably with "brewdog" inter alia.
Let's go pound some Bronsons.
by ChuckBronson February 06, 2006
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Southern Australian slang for the process of wiping the sweat from your ass crack with your fingers and proceding to smear it across the upper lip of a friend, workmate, loved one or enemy.
I just gave my girlfriend a nasty bronson, I dont think I will be kissing her for a few days.
by Wilco August 03, 2006
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The term bronson (AKA Bronson Juice) was first used in reference to a can of Coors Light. Surfacing around the summer of 2001 it has since been generalized to describe any beer that comes in a 30-pack.
Yo, toss me an ice cold bronson
by TeddyG April 27, 2006
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a male, while receiving oral sex ejaculates with such intensity that when it hits his partner in the face they pull back with a "whip lash" effect. This resembles being shot in the face by 70's action star Charles Bronson, hence the term "Bronson"
Last night I had Heather give me a blow job. I guess it had been a while because when I let loose, well, I guess you could say I gave her the ol bronson. And yes, she's gonna need a cervical collar for a few days!
by Speciman June 26, 2018
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bronson is a potato. i edited bronson onto a potato. i saw no difference. bronson is a potato.
omg did you see the picture of bronson on a potato?? i saw no difference!!
by tuigbviurbfviuprf\ September 25, 2019
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