A reference to Charles Bronson's movie "Death Wish". Used to convey doing something that's either going to seriously hurt you bad or send you the way of the dinosaurs.
"Man, You've got a major bronson... a serious death wish!".
by Jstah December 17, 2003
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Best man alive just behind Chuck Norris (dont kill me chuck)
Bronson is amazing his huge dick raptured the space time continuum
by blippermyass May 19, 2018
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Someone who is sooool annoying that they won’t shut up about either memes, Minecraft, or some other stupid thing. They are super butthurt all the time and constantly bitching about their life if there’s even a tiny inconvinience. They never work out and are kinda dumb. They always act retarded and cry when you even say one tiny little thing. They start being really annoying to you and then when you confront them they act like you’re soooooo evil
*is playing any instrument*
Bronson: *starts ruining the song you’re playing and making weird noises*
You: hey dude stop that Is playing something
Bronson: heyyyy stop being so mean it’s not like I was doing anything wrong I was just playing an instrument stop being such an asshole you’re so annoying waaaaaahwaahwahhhh
by Nobody is a Bitch December 19, 2019
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One hell of a guy. He is outgoing and fun but,if annoyed can tend to rage.
That guy is such a Bronson.
by Sick rummy May 24, 2017
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A slang for the slang term 'killer' meaning awesome. Originates from Charles Bronson always going around in movies killing creeps who mugged him or raped and killed family members in each and every movie.
Ex. 1 - Yo, that party was so bronson last night.
Ex. 2 - That's so bronson!
by Joe April 26, 2008
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Bronson is a prick he will be ugly and stupid though the prettiest girls will always fall for him he is not intelligent at all
Ugh Bronson failed his test AGAIN
via giphy
by Cookies for life November 01, 2019
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Reference to cocaine . Cocaine is often referred to as ‘Charlie ‘. If we change that to ‘Charles’
And then think about it for a bit...... you will get it.
Used as a code word wh n ordering over the phone
Yo man, have you seen mr. Bronson lately ?
I’ve been meaning to catch up with him.
by timbo6969 December 26, 2018
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