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The name Bronson originated between the 12-15 century of English origin, the meaning being Son of the brown one and or son of a dark Man.The name is also a very rare first name,but a somewhat common last name,and extremely rare Girl's name, usually given to a baby as a masculine indicator.It is also a common name for larger Dog species, and the name usually given in English speaking Countries. Their are also several place's In the U.S named Bronson and a handful of celebrities named Bronson. The most notable being a Baby Boomer's favorite actor,Charles Bronson,a somewhat old school Jason Statham. Bronson's tend too be all rounder's, loyal, mistrustful of other's at first, very devoted, indomitable, majestic, highly creative and cherished by other's. They also are mature and highly focused people, therefore they only attract or surround themselves with person's of a highly regarded nature. If you do meet a Bronson chances are your a wise person who has their best interest's in mind.Also not to be confused with Brandon or Branson.
Bronson is life
by Super marvelous November 13, 2014

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