When you get a really good feeling by thinking of, or hanging out with, one of your bros.
Like "Lady Boner" it does not have to have anything an actual erection.
It is usually completely non-sexual.
In conversation: "Oh, do you know him to? Just thinking of him gives me a broner!"

In story: Lisa was rocking a raging broner while hanging out with her bro Rob.
Meaning: Lisa was having such a good time while hanging out with her good friend Rob.
by WisemanHouse April 10, 2015
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An unintentionally manly inspired boner.
You're a guy getting a massage from another guy, and its nice, its relaxing then all of a sudden you get a little tingle; that my friends, is a 'broner'.
by Addeh September 11, 2007
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A Bro-ner is when you get an involuntary erection from doing something testosterone fueled and hella not gay with the bros. Popping a Bro-ner around bros is quite acceptable, and they will probably call you a "stud" and ask if you want to hit the gym or chug a fifth of Jaeger.
"Me and the bros were watching 300/ latest UFC fight last night and it was so sick, I totally got a Bro-ner."

"Dude, Mike put up 250 on the bench last night. I so got a Bro-ner"

"Poppin' collars, poppin' Bro-ners"
by KidIcarusss October 02, 2009
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A slang term used to explain the phenomenon during which a fiercly heterosexual male achieves an erection (or, "boner") for or while in the company of one of his male friends (or, "bros"). This may only occur while engaging in all-male activities, particularly those which include feats of strength or displays of hyper-masculinity. Upon achieving a broner, the man in question is often known to exclaim, "dude, suck that shit!" or "meet me in the shower."
The way you creamed that linebacker gave me a total broner.
by Delongpre Dannon February 03, 2007
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