When a fan of my little pony get's an erection.
When Derpy first spoke I got a wicked broner.
by Brony98 September 2, 2012
An unintentionally manly inspired boner.
You're a guy getting a massage from another guy, and its nice, its relaxing then all of a sudden you get a little tingle; that my friends, is a 'broner'.
by Addeh September 12, 2007
Is a term used to describe a situation where two guys get shitfaced, pass out in the same bed, and at some point end up spooning, and upon waking up realize the big spoon has a boner and it’s poking his bro.
I was talking to Austin this morning and apparently he and Otto had quite a night. Apparently, they got completely fucking hammered, passed out, spooned, which Austin was the little spoon, and woke up to Otto having a Broner. I said what the fuck is a Broner, and Austin said it’s when your bro gets a boner and the throbbing member ends up touching you in some capacity. Hopefully they don’t strike up a Bunghole Bromance.
by Tee Cee Deez March 18, 2020
The accidental erection, or boner, induced by a male friend.
Oh shit, we gotta stop wrestling, i'm getting a broner.
by McCullo January 28, 2009
Erection gained from looking at the bread emoji
Oh man, I’ve got such a broner.
by Dino Kysgwoahwowbehdjwja October 4, 2020
A broner is a form of a male erection (commonly referred to as a boner) but this variation is when the male erection occurs because of attraction to another male or in this case "bro" forming the name broner.
yo dude Zac Effron is so hot! He totes just gave me a broner!
by JAKEMARI___0 February 5, 2011
An unintentional boner from your guy friend.
Dude check this out! stop man your totally givin me a broner right now.
by gex479 October 8, 2009