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When a fan of my little pony get's an erection.
When Derpy first spoke I got a wicked broner.
by Brony98 September 02, 2012
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Is a term used to describe a situation where two guys get shitfaced, pass out in the same bed, and at some point end up spooning, and upon waking up realize the big spoon has a boner and it’s poking his bro.
I was talking to Austin this morning and apparently he and Otto had quite a night. Apparently, they got completely fucking hammered, passed out, spooned, which Austin was the little spoon, and woke up to Otto having a Broner. I said what the fuck is a Broner, and Austin said it’s when your bro gets a boner and the throbbing member ends up touching you in some capacity. Hopefully they don’t strike up a Bunghole Bromance.
by Tee Cee Deez March 18, 2020
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An unintentionally manly inspired boner.
You're a guy getting a massage from another guy, and its nice, its relaxing then all of a sudden you get a little tingle; that my friends, is a 'broner'.
by Addeh September 11, 2007
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A Bro-ner is when you get an involuntary erection from doing something testosterone fueled and hella not gay with the bros. Popping a Bro-ner around bros is quite acceptable, and they will probably call you a "stud" and ask if you want to hit the gym or chug a fifth of Jaeger.
"Me and the bros were watching 300/ latest UFC fight last night and it was so sick, I totally got a Bro-ner."

"Dude, Mike put up 250 on the bench last night. I so got a Bro-ner"

"Poppin' collars, poppin' Bro-ners"
by KidIcarusss October 02, 2009
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The accidental erection, or boner, induced by a male friend.
Oh shit, we gotta stop wrestling, i'm getting a broner.
by McCullo January 28, 2009
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A slang term used to explain the phenomenon during which a fiercly heterosexual male achieves an erection (or, "boner") for or while in the company of one of his male friends (or, "bros"). This may only occur while engaging in all-male activities, particularly those which include feats of strength or displays of hyper-masculinity. Upon achieving a broner, the man in question is often known to exclaim, "dude, suck that shit!" or "meet me in the shower."
The way you creamed that linebacker gave me a total broner.
by Delongpre Dannon February 03, 2007
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