Ridiculous; Random; Silly usually to describe another person or image.
That picture looks really derpy.
by CJK909 January 14, 2015
Awkward or embarrassing, especially pertaining to a person.
"Man, that guy is so awkward!"
"Yeah, he's really derpy."
by SiriusLG January 20, 2010
My dog is so derpy,he bumps into things.
by Jackie Gurl March 31, 2015
Derpy means, quite weird or awkward, but also sort of funny at the same time.
Bob: hi joe! Did you see that girl today in math class? He sounded sooo weird and awkward when the teacher called on him!
Joe: yeah...
Derp Awkward Weird FunnyInAWay
Derpy is well what it sounds like.
by xXx_NekoDaTurtle_xXx October 22, 2015
Being just the slightest bit off. Having a clumsy way about it.
" That squirrel is running sideways, he's pretty derpy."

" Kristen Stewart's facial expressions are so derpy, it's painful to watch."
by UnicornPornHorn March 29, 2015
A pony that is from My Little Pony
I watched My Little Pony and my favorite pony is Derpy
by Cat Lover50 October 18, 2015
The name of a female, greyish, winged, yellow-maned Pegasus pony from Equestria and the My Little Pony world.
Derpy lives in Ponyville and her favorite food is muffins.
by Newmarduk November 1, 2017