The unintentional but unavoidable girth/tightening in a heterosexual male's pants due to the witnessing of another male's unbelievable stunts and/or acts.

Most common triggers to cause an unavoidable broner include but are not limited to, are: Chuck Noris, Jason Statham, Arnold, The show 'Cops', Showcase Action.

To calm a broner down, one must immediately watch 10 mins of any of the Twilight movies. Or listen to something by Lady Gaga. Actually, any attention to something that resembles a male covered in glitter, and lots of make up should do the trick.
I totally got a broner after watching 'The Expendables' tonight
by GuyfromOntario85 August 13, 2010
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Coined by comedic writer Daniel O'Brien in the early 2000s, this term describes "an erection that two frat guys get when they wrestle each other."
*frat guys wrestling. suddenly, one stops*

Frat Guy 1: Dude, why'd you stop, bro?

Frat Guy 2: Well, bro, I was totes about to put you in a headlock, but then I felt your broner brush up against my leg.
by AntonioDeLaVega June 12, 2010
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An erection of the penis, caused by a bro's amazing bro-ness-ocity.
Bro 1: I slapped that bitch for you.

Bro 2: Dude, you just gave me a bro-ner.
by FirebertNY February 05, 2011
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a boner given to you by your bro.
"Bro i dont know what it is about you but your giving me a total BRONER."
by loki138 January 05, 2009
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The frat equivalent of a 'man-crush', used to describe a strong, yet totally hetero, attraction to another male.
Dude, I saw Fight Club again today and I totally have a broner for Brad Pitt.
by GillGIlliamJoben March 25, 2009
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A mental "erection" achieved through things that would interest the most general of men, usually gained through events that only a man, or "bro", would love.
The way that dude killed that other guy with a crossbow gave me a raging broner.
by King Droxie January 15, 2011
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The type of erection you get when being massaged by another man, in a total non-sexual, friendly manner.
Fuck man, yesterday with Tom was so fucking awkward. He was giving me a massage after training, and i looked down and saw a fucking broner!
by krinkle September 10, 2007
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