When you are chillin' with your bros and you get a little to excited, causing you to get a boner (or raging jimmy).
"Man when I was playing video games with the bros i got like fifty headshots, and it made me so excited that i got a broner!"
by Broseph Broski August 27, 2008
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Getting an erection while hanging out with your bros, with no homosexual origin.
Dude, I totally got a broner at Aaron's house the other day!
by LAWDINUM June 16, 2010
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n. Physical awkwardness occurring between bros and brahs at the moment their "fraternal" relationship takes a turn for the Greek.
In a sick/hot moment when their eyes met through the haze of booze at the frat party, Erick's and Zack's sudden, unintended broners told them that nothing would ever be the same between them again.
by MudFlap33 August 06, 2011
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A boner you get when looking at man on man porno.
I recently watched a gay porn video. I had the weirdest broner
by Jusitn Beiber August 09, 2014
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A boner during a BroFest.
Male 1: DUDE! Do you want to go touch each other in the urinals?

Male 2: I just popped a broner.
by BROLOL May 07, 2011
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Broner is not a object like a boner. Broner is a fealing of happiness when with one or more of your "bros". broner can be used as a gay term but will not hold the same meaning. Non gay word. If another guy comments on a mans broner it is now gay.
Non-gay<normal meaning> Dude that was a good run it gave me a broner.

Gay<dont use it> Dude your'e broner is so big, dude look at my broner, my broner is so big.
by Myan renhoward January 28, 2011
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When youre psyched for your bros
John: Dude my band just got this sweet gig at that hot new club in town

Freddy: that gives me the biggest broner
by k'ran wood March 31, 2008
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