Erection gained from looking at the bread emoji
Oh man, I’ve got such a broner.
by Dino Kysgwoahwowbehdjwja October 3, 2020
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Next Level Bromance, but can be with more than two bros
Constant communication between each-other everyday

Drunk festivities include show public display of affection & grabbing balls
During conversation, they speak their own language (i.e. inside jokes)
Together they are inseparable
"Yo you see Tom & Frank? Man they are being total Broners"
by Giovannella February 2, 2015
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The act of receiving an erection after witnessing another man (naked or otherwise). Used in relation with bromance.
Dude, I think I got a broner from Brüno.
by rkomonk July 18, 2009
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Broner -noun. When a bro is excited for a reunion with fellow bro(s)
Dude, catching up next July in NZ is giving me a total Broner!
by Fogsworth March 11, 2017
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When a bro gets a boner from another bro
Your bro does something sexy. Then all the sudden boyyoyoing. broner!
by masterbro969 March 30, 2012
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A completely non-sexual erection that occurs when one man is excited by the actions of another man, or in the company of other men. It is 100% heterosexual, and in no way gay.
"Dude, the new Eligh CD gives me a broner."
by AndroidAlex November 18, 2011
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1. an erection caused by a male friend or "bro".
"Dude, look how good Bender looks. He's totally giving me a broner."
by UmbertoDavidson February 27, 2012
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