A boner obtained while hanging with your bros. It usually requires an awkward explanation and is followed by constant reminders and gay jokes.
Ted: "Hey is Jake coming tonight?"
Mike: "Hell no last time he got a raging broner and hasn't left his apartment since!"
Ted: "Holy shit!"
Mike: "I know i slipped a dong bomb in his drink."
by Cm24 June 30, 2012
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1. an erection caused by a male friend or "bro".
"Dude, look how good Bender looks. He's totally giving me a broner."
by UmbertoDavidson February 27, 2012
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One man's cash and prizes entering a half-chub situation when in the presence of another male, usually a good friend. It is essentially an unintentional erection but retains no shame and is perfectly acceptable.
"Oh man, that's so awesome and cool. We agree on everything and I like it. High Five!" -Tim M.

"Absolutely. Total broner moment!" -Joe S.

"You guys are weird, do those actually exist" - Mary L.
by Giuseppe Gino February 10, 2011
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When a guy idolizes frats too much.
"Doug said he is only going to college to join a frat. That dude has a raging broner."
by Akaniradru June 17, 2013
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A completely non-sexual erection that occurs when one man is excited by the actions of another man, or in the company of other men. It is 100% heterosexual, and in no way gay.
"Dude, the new Eligh CD gives me a broner."
by AndroidAlex November 18, 2011
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(-noun) When a member of an all male group develops an erection.
Guy 1: Dude?! Do you have a fucking boner!!!??

Guy 2: Nah man, it's just a "Broner". Take it as a compliment.
by Blatent Lack of Judgement July 22, 2010
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