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The guy who your girlfriend is jealous of because you spend more time with him than you do with her. He is one of your most loyal friends and will not hesitate to back you up in any situation.

Eric: "Bromeo I'm feelin some McDonalds you in!"

Bryan: "Yeah Dude"
by bpes January 29, 2009
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A nickname for a close friend, usually males. A term of endearment. Or a joke that can be connected to the oreo jingle
Danny: Bromeo, you're the best.

Rich: Thanks man.


by Jessie_Roug3 February 20, 2013
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1. A bro who gets all the Juliets

2. A charming bro who is admired by other bros.
1. "Damn, check out Ferdinand, straight mackin on that freshman duck tail, dude is a bonified bromeo."

2. "Man winkelvauss, is such a nice dude, he always picks me up when I'm getting down. Dude is the bromeo to my Juliet.
by stinkle stank March 01, 2012
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That guy at the party who's dressed to impress your girlfriend, complete with popped collar and suave handbook, he will attempt to sweep every girl at the party off her feet with his pseudo-charm.
"Watch out, man. Bromeo over there's been showing off his pants to your girlfriend."
by StealsyourstereO April 02, 2006
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A condescending term used towards a male who tires to project his masculinity when trying to find a sexual partner, however comes off vain and unsuccessful.
Chad: "Hey Karry, I just got back from the gym and I'm off to down a shit-ton of Natty's, no big deal" *flexes uncomfortably*

Karry: "hahaha whoa, calm down Bromeo"
by mJohnnys October 24, 2010
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A derogatory term for a male who publicly coaches his girlfriend through social events.
Talkin' Ted: Oh Jenny, your beautiful!
Insecure Jenny: My Teddy, your amazing.
Friendly Doug: Relax bromeo, tomorrow never dies.
by RFoster February 21, 2011
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a term often used in bromances or refrencing bromances
can be used in a way seeming like someone one is in mutliple bromances and is a brot (bro thot) but this is bromeo saying (bro romeo)
bromeo bromeo i love you no homoio
via giphy
by lollay_dibbles April 18, 2019
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