A boy named after King Ferdinand. Born in Germany but has the body of a Greek god. Has an out going personality that wins him admiration from all over. Very successful at what he does and can play many sports. Is an opinion leader and role model for others. Women love him but he only loves one woman.
His name is Ferdinand.
by Raptor named Chomper August 10, 2008
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Ferdinand, already the name is beautiful...can you tell? Ferdinand is a heartwarming person, who is always there for you if you need him. He has an outstanding personality which is loveable at first sight. If you get to know a Ferdinand keep him around you, because he will always makes you smile. He supports people in every way and their decisions. You always feel secure and comfortable around him, you will forget any feeling for time and space because he is just living in the moment and you will be doing that with him. Moreover he has some really impressing skills to share, is very active and knows what's good in life. Keep the Ferdinands in your life!
Ferdinand is great
by October 8, 2021
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he is a stubborn and selfish man but he is a loyal and kind man to his girlfriend. he always keeps his promise to others if the other person also keeps their promise
by QueenF November 9, 2018
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A man with goals asscheeks. Every time u smell them, u say, "oh yeah, let me smell that". And this is always and all the time. A Ferdinand is also a German term for jumping around in the barn with the chickens, before u sacrifice them too the great almighty CHOKOLAK! Why is Ferdinand the best person u always can smell a mile away? I can't tell you. The name Ferdinand is one of the worst names for kids, but not adults, so it's best too get it while your grown. Ferdinand´s have a pretty average penis length, but knows how too use it ;)
Heyyyy maboiiii, u see that massive Ferdinand person right in front of your eyes mahmainzzz?

Nah bruhhski I'm blind asfuck maguey..
Ah man I feel you.
Nicemahboii, I can smell he's asscheeks tho! Are they tasty or nah.
Ferdinand´s are as usual very tasty wachumean maboii?
by chipmunkchicken November 27, 2021
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a slang term for a mans penis
"Ferdinand is getting very excited!"
by Jan Roberts July 7, 2008
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Those weird kids with bull rings on their ears
“Yo look at that weird kid that yawns before he reads his bellwork”
Aw dude! That’s Ferdinand!”
by Rx.420 September 9, 2019
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Chnyc’s MANZ dat you can’t take. Ferdinand is this skankilicious piece of eye candy. If you try to take him...Chnyc will eat you.
Dang! Have you seen Chnyc’s MANZ Ferdinand?
by Chnyc Copenhagen March 17, 2020
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