16 definitions by StealsyourstereO

When a man inserts his penis into the mouth part of a mask to imitate a female performing fellatio.
Feeling alone and desperate, Mike found his old Phantom of the Opera costume and decided to maskurbate.
by StealsyourstereO January 01, 2006
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phone number, digits.

mainly used by males to describe the phone number of a female.
"yo did you see that bad bitch I was talking to?"

"yea man, you get the math?"
by StealsyourstereO November 14, 2006
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"look at this gaggle of fags coming towards us"

"man, they's bramen noodles."
by StealsyourstereO November 12, 2006
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That guy at the party who's dressed to impress your girlfriend, complete with popped collar and suave handbook, he will attempt to sweep every girl at the party off her feet with his pseudo-charm.
"Watch out, man. Bromeo over there's been showing off his pants to your girlfriend."
by StealsyourstereO April 02, 2006
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(pronounced: "don - da - ded")

to get owned by someone, mainly in video games.

-derived from don-dada
"I like Super Smash Bros, but I keep getting don-daded by that cheap ass kick."

"Yo you just caught that swift don-dadation right now."
by StealsyourstereO November 12, 2006
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to stay in one place in the house at a party, and only talk to people who come to your area.

:derived from games like Counter Strike, in which it is used to define the act of staying near the area in which you spawned at the beginning of the round.
"Have you moved from this spot all night?"

"Nah man."

"Well don't fucking camp spawn, lets go outside or something."
by StealsyourstereO November 12, 2006
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When someone asks for a sip of your drink, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic, telling them to church wine it is saying just touch the liquid to your lips and that's all you're getting. This comes from the eucharist part of a Catholic mass in which wine is presented to be gently sipped, not drank.
"Can I have a sip of your beer man?"

"Ugh, alright, but church wine that shit because I don't have much left."
by StealsyourstereO January 02, 2006
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