A phrase used to be sarcastic to something that is displeasing. It can be used on females or males in order to make them look stupid. The phrase is often followed by a "knocks" or high five. Also the phrase we are such better friends now that you just said that can follow "nice dude".

Can be shorten too "ni du"

Matt: You're a fucking doucher

Jason:Nice Dude (knocks)
"If the girl ain't putting out and she's acting kind of prude say nice dude, if the guy is in your face giving attitude say nice dude, if you're in a situation and you don't know what to do say nice dude"
by nicedudester April 20, 2010
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1. A phrase used when credit is due towards someone who takes action on a situation and accomplishes it with ease.

2. LeGITimacy by a person.

3. A mackin' playa

4. A kind surfer

5. The latin name of an italian dolphin
Cole: Yeah man i just smizzled on that spanish test

Ben: oh....nice dude

Cole: gosh, i am just so sweet
Ben: sick son!
Cole: no....sweet, not awesome
Ben:....well in that case...nice dude
by KevinFitzgerald April 1, 2009
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1. The remark made when an individual reaches a moment of bliss through extreme chilling, usually in the midst of or following smoking the chronic.
2. Expressing great happiness after learning of good news.
Brewskis: Yo I brought down some pizza
Pop: Nice Dude Nice

Pop: Oh i just found another pound of white rhino.
Brewskis: Nice Dude Nice

When sitting two rows behind the sixers bench at a sixers cavs game.
by brewskis January 25, 2005
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Someone who is really a nice human being, and cannot be guilty for any evil or lazy acts.
"Bro, yesterday at the bar we tried to roast David, ¡damn! no one could even say a word"
"Yep, he's such a Nice Dude."
by Sören. July 12, 2015
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It means "Nice snowboard dude!". Nothing else.

Just post it as your status and put it in the comments section of other posts!
by Beall619 January 18, 2016
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A fist bump congratulating someone.
Jay: Dude, did you get that babes number?

Bob: Yea.

Jay: Dude Nice! (gotta do the fist bump)
by maurice a member of dude nice! December 31, 2010
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