Figure of speech used when you are too broke to pay for something
Jim: Yo can you get dinner, I got it last time
John: Sorry, I'm broke as a joke
by John Kennington February 8, 2021
1.crazy po' like a mofo 2. no loot. 3. tough finicial times 4. need a brotha/sista to help out with cash. 5. so po' fo sho, you know.

Scott: Hey Jim, got any loot?
Jim: No, dawg, I'm broke as a joke.
Scott: That ain't no joke, foo.
Jim: True dat, fo real, pimp.
by Jimmygtp13 October 29, 2007
When a person has so little money that it is funny and humorous, as they cannot afford to buy anything.
Person 1: Hey bro, you buying yo mum that necklace for Christmas?
Person 2: Nah mate, I'm broke as joke.
by JustABastard December 22, 2016
broke. what you and all your friends most likely are, espec. if you do have a lil ice-cream habit.
"so u wanna go to the movies?" "i can't babe, i'm broke as a joke, 24-7 on dope"
by lauren September 1, 2003
a joke in which nobody laughst except for the teller, also known as a no-laugher.
Person 1: Dude, that is totally a broke joke.
Person 2: Yeah.
by +WienerScnitzels September 18, 2015