A pound of marijuana (or kilo of cocaine or heroin) that is compacted into a cube, thus resembling a brick. This is a process that is usually done for the purpose of shipping and/or smuggling the substance.
see: Numerous Hip-Hop lyrics pertaining to "bricks" e.g. "Bricks on consignment", "I move mad bricks in the hood/on the block", "Chopping up bricks", "Cooking bricks".
by Willie Hellenbach (A.S.) March 17, 2007
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A large and heavy cellular phone. Usually one that is several years old.
"He's still using a nokia 5110! I used to have one of those bricks."
by Shalroth May 15, 2005
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A transgender women who is easy to clock; they're more masculine than feminine in appearance.
What's the point when she looks like a brick?
by BatTeeth September 23, 2017
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A piece of salami sandwiched between two pieces of rye-bread

one of the driest lunches you'll ever get, hence it being refered to as a brick.
Drake: Yo, lemme taste that shit fam
Josh: 'ere y'go mate
Drake: Damn nigga, this dry as hell - is a whole brick
by JohnNielsen10101 April 17, 2022
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To render an electronic device unusable through a software hack (usualy by accedent or through update from manufacture)
by Aerossi April 21, 2010
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