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The worst thing to happen to the African American community. This is due to the fact that he produces shows with characters who perpetuate the notion and/or stereotype that African Americans are loud, rambunctious, classless, and uneducated people who lack long-term goals, as well as a serious view on life.
House of Payne and Meet the Browns are two of Tyler Perry's productions which exploit the stereotypes of Black and/or African American culture.
by XFS August 07, 2009
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a man who constantly makes horrible movies that perpetuate black stereotypes, and as Daniel Tosh put it "Tyler Perry has a new movie out called 'Holy Shit Black People Will Watch Anything With My Name in Front of It'"
Tyler Perry has set MLK Jr.'s dreams back 100 years
by TruthTurtle June 12, 2013
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The guy who created that show on TBS that is constantly being advertised, but since it is unquestionably the worst thing currently on television no one watches except deaf people and blink folk.
Wow, i could watch a bukkake video of my mom or watch a show by tyler perry. let's just hope mom is blurry.
by ibwip December 14, 2008
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cross dressing black man who is a "self-proclaimed" playwright, but writes some very terrible, pointless plays..1) not funny 2)using slave bufonery for humor 3)also see pointless lame humor...
"that tyler perry is a very strange young man...dressing like a woman on stage?!?"
by intellectual black man March 03, 2008
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A racist piece of shit who has cast precisely one (1) white person in all of his approximately 38 thousand movies.
He continues to mock the white population by creating more shitty movies THAT ARE ALL THE SAME.
Person 1: "What the hell is this shit? It looks like an Eddie Murphy movie but worse."
Person 2: "Yeah, Tyler Perry's been polluting HBO with his inarticulate trash for quite some time now."
Person 1: "Wow, what a dick."
by Candicks August 22, 2009
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A character or acting choice which is an over the top, demeaning representation of African Americans.
That was a great play but there was only one black character and he was so Tyler Perry it destroyed the whole show for me.
by Duh? January 10, 2014
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a playwrighter, film and television director, actor. He known as American version of German-born film director Uwe Boll.
Tyler Perry's play based film sound like a American Uwe Boll.
by Filmmania November 05, 2009
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