A term used to describe an unfortunate looking drag queen. Most queens strive to have a great illusion of the female form and beauty. A Brick is a drag queen thats just the opposite hard, rough, not convincing at all.
"Hey look at those queens that just walked in, BRICKS all of them!"
by Brickzilla February 11, 2010
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A word you use to describe someone who says or does stupid things but thinks it’s totally normal.
Parker: I can’t believe that Ico told Sophie we were using her for her friends!
Aidan: I know, he’s such a brick.
by Donkey AIDS October 27, 2019
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Jerry: what’s 2+2
Rod: 8
Jerry: you’re such a brick rod
by Cool/nice guy December 22, 2021
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The act of Bricking and Electronic Device occurs when the Firmware or BIOS has been Corrupted or when improperly installing Hardware, this includes soldering. Any of which will render the Device unable to boot.

Bricking can occur When: Installing the wrong firmware; Power loss during a Firmware or BIOS update; Poor Hardware connections; Installation of firmware that is infected with a computer virus.

Partial Bricking: This term refers to a Device that has the potential to boot but is disabled due to Bad, Previously Stored Information, or Corrupted Temporary Files written to the Devices Flash Memory (RAM).


Un-Bricking: Once a Device has been Bricked it will not be able to Boot until Corrupted Data has been removed and the proper data replaced. Since the device can not boot this means it must be done manually. This includes Removing and Replacing/Soldering Chipsets. Generally a Device is considered forever useless once it has been bricked, This is because your average electronic user lacks the knowledge and tools to repair electronic devices.

Un-Bricking of a Partially Bricked Device: If the Device is only Partially Bricked there are a number of tricks that may restore the Device. Such as: A few shut downs and reboots; Manually Reseting the BIOS, this may be done on the Devices Motherboard if availible; A series of Keystrokes has also been known to remedy some Cases; Removing the Power Source from the Device for a period of time.
I used a Hack Program to try to Downgrade my PSP and it Bricked.
by Zachry Diehl January 10, 2007
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An unusually helpful rock. can be used both defensively and offensively.

There are many different types of bricks, such as concrete bricks which are used defensively, as well as engineering bricks and the more widely known burnt clay bricks.
offensively: *throws a brick at someone's head*
defensively: *builds a brick house*
by P1TPAT November 19, 2021
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Kilogram of any drug, normally cocaine
I smuggled 4 bricks strapped to the bottom of my escalade.
by Beezle April 2, 2003
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