1. Cold (adj.) - Being low in temperature; without warmth; lacking heat.

2. Cold (adj.) - Being without emotion, remorse, regret, empathy; heartless

3. Cold ( adj.) - Used to describe someone who looks good; (In this sense, the word may mean the same as hot.
1. - After being left in the refrigerator, the soda was as cold as ice.

2. - While on the outside, she looked warm and happy, on the inside she was as cold as stone.

3. - "Dang, Girl! You cold!"
by IDer Übermensch February 19, 2018
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Something that is really nice. Can be used to discribe an attractive female. Also used to describe a excellent play, normally in sports.
"oohh nigga did u see that cold ass girl walk by!?" or "Ayo, lebron just had a cold ass dunk."
by RossTheeBoss August 31, 2008
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Canadian1:Damn it's colds today

Canadian2: we live in Canada when is it ever not
by 711_shocks December 9, 2013
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She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, but all those girls are cold from down south.
by Robbie B. Knight April 26, 2008
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Cold was a rock band that started in 1986. They released 4 cd's: Cold, 13 ways to bleed on stage, year of the spider, and a different kind of pain. They also released an ep called Oddity. The band consisted of lead singer Scooter Ward, Matt Louhgran, Zachary Gilbert, both guitarists, Jeremy Marshall on bass, and Sam McCandless on drums. Former members included Mike Booth, Sean Lay, Terry Balsamo, Kelly Hayes and Eddie Rendini.
On February 27, 2006, Ward left a message on their official website saying they had disbanded. However, he said he and Sam will continue writing music.
Cold was a great rock band. It's a damn shame alot of people didn't know about them.
by Adrian March 15, 2006
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