(adj) When it's so cold that you would even resort to 'bricking' i.e. getting naked with your bro to fervently rub your bare bodies against each other, for nothing more than the friction induced heat. Although this may sometimes lead to arousal and subsequent ejaculation, the action is purely heterosexual in nature.
It was mad brick out today, so Tim and Alex decided to engage in bricking; which quickly escalated into an all out session of bro sex. However, since they both declared 'no homo' beforehand, the days event were perfectly acceptable.
by JasonJones December 12, 2013
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Stating/and or Exaggerating that it is very cold, so cold, too cold, It's freezing and etc.
Mom: Can you walk the dog for me please?

Son: Hell no, are you crazy? It's mad brick out!
by itravissunny October 7, 2010
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Phrase that New Yorkers use to express that the weather is cold outside.
Guy: Wow, It's really cold outside
New Yorker: yea it's mad brick outside word'a my motha' ya hurr me?
by Lazar Blade January 11, 2022
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When it's 'Mad Red Brick' outside people are referring to a lot of building work in the vicinity. Red brick dust in the air will make things Mad Red Brick. You'll have to go out with a mask on or you'll be coughing Mad Red Brick.
Geez Dweeble - it's mad red brick out today - I could have built a house with my boogers.
by VunderFull January 7, 2014
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