A movie that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006. Significant for its modern take on the old style of Film Noir, and the low budget it was made on.
Tagline: "There's not much chance of coming out clean"


"She said words I didn't know. Tell me if they catch: brick...

"What do you want?"
"Just to see you sweat"

"You better be sure you wanna know what you wanna know."

"you gotta cigarette?"
"I don't smoke"
"I've seen you smoke"
"I don't smoke cigarettes"

"Oh yeah"
"Oh yeah"
"There's a Thesarus in the library. Yeah is under Y. go ahead I'll wait.
by timm4969 October 9, 2006
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A wonderful town in Ocean County, New Jersey. Near Toms River, Point Pleasant, and Seaside Heights. Second safest town in the country.
I'm from Brick, yo!
by Gina April 11, 2004
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The extreme version of the game of spoons. Usually only played once.
Guy 1: wanna play spoons? Im bored .

Guy 2: fuck that, lets make it count. Lets play brick, go big or go home.
by SometimesWhenImAlone July 17, 2011
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A Brick is a pound of weed, or a kilo of cocaine, depending on who you ask.
My homeboy John flipped a brick and made 1500 bucks.
by Nobody December 21, 2004
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An awesome song by Ben Folds Five off the album "Whatever and Ever Amen"
She's a brick and I'm drowing slowly
Off the coast and I'm getting nowhere
by justforkicks November 27, 2005
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From Clerks II- Randel to a random guy at the counter talking about Lord of the Rings. "And Sam just BRICKS in Frodo's mouth!"
by AI3A January 21, 2007
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