Someone who is never afraid to ask for, money, cigarettes, transportation, lodgings or drugs. A lovable personality who sucks you dry like a leach because you can't say no because he is such a sociable dude. Generous to a fault .....if he had anything to give.
That guy still hasn't left! He was only supposed to be here for a week! He is such a Brick!
by heddycrew December 28, 2011
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To be cold, bitter or chilly. Used commonly in the north east, particularly in urban community's in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.
by DamnBombshell March 4, 2009
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To be a brick- To have the personality of an inanimate object, in this case a brick. A brick will add boring tit bits to a conversation and generally ramble on boring topics at great lengths of time to a large audience,causing them to leave or find other people to talk to. The brick must be avoided at all costs or silenced.
Tyler Perry: Man, Christine Aguilera just won't shut up about her neon nails. Its so boring.

Zain Malik: I know right, she's such a brick. No one gives a fuck yet she continues. Ffs.

Tyler Perry- she bricked the convo.
by Fvckutue December 5, 2014
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To render an electronic device unusable through a software hack (usualy by accedent or through update from manufacture)
by Aerossi April 21, 2010
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A term used to describe a woman who's flat in the front, flat in the back, and laid by Mexicans.
"Damn she's fine."
"She looks more like a brick to me"
by Harsheditor December 6, 2005
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