To render your computer useless, as useless as a brick.

Usually the result of tampering with the insides and doing irreversible damage. Bricking your hardware leaves you with a new paperweight. Can be the end effect of a faulty flash or firmware update, a modification (mod) gone bad or being struck by lighting, to name a few.
He managed to get his new iMac bricked while trying to boot WinXP on it.

I tried to change graphics cards while my computer was running but I only managed to get my machine bricked.
by remmelt January 24, 2006
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To have completely screwed something up. Original reference comes from calling a missed shot in basketball a brick.
From the movie "Dazed and Confused" after a beer delivery man arrived early, before Pickford's parents had left, and ruined plans for his party:

Wooderson: "Bummer about your party, man."
Pickford: "What can I say? It's beyond me. The delivery guy bricked."
by pk0d October 5, 2007
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1. To be hit in the face or back of the head with a brick.
2. When a peice of technology (or a person) fails miserably.
1. When someone is being a jackass, they should usually be bricked:
"I was at the movies and someone's cell phone went off. She actually answered it and proceeded to have a five minute conversation with the person before she hung up. So I bricked her."
by Mion February 22, 2008
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Past Tense of 'to brick.'
Which is to render any piece of technology, as useful as a brick. Therefore if some piece of technology is 'bricked' it is as useful as a brick, ie. it does nothing.
Yoshi bricked 10 PSP's, donate more moneys to his "Downgrading" efforts!
by Sturmeh June 15, 2008
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to be ridiculously drunk
man i got so bricked last nite
by homebrewed June 2, 2009
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In sports, when someone takes a shot or attempts a pass which is way off target.
Also, basically anytime somebody screws something up really badly.
Karl Malone really bricked that shot.
I can't believe how bad you bricked that repair.
I tried to ask that chick out, but I totally bricked on the conversation.
by brentmcd October 5, 2007
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