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Briarcliff is a small, wealthy village in Westchester County, New York. Briarcliff is known for its excellent school district. Most residents in Briarcliff live in middle class to upper middle class homes. Briarcliff is surrounded by Ossining to the north, Mount Pleasant to the south and east, and the Hudson River to the west. Briarcliff's "downtown" is on Pleasantville Road, which has a lot of nice restaurants and shops, like The Patio. Residents refer to it as "town". Briarcliff has a really nice park called Law Park near town that has the town pool (which is very nice, by the way) and the library. Some people might say that Briarcliff is a snobby town, but there are plenty of nice people living in the town.
Full name: Briarcliff Manor, New York
Population: about 8,000
Zip code: 10510
by WestchesterResident April 22, 2011
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An extremely small town in Westchester County, New York. Briarcliff is known for being snobby, Jewish, and rich. I happen to live in Briarcliff, and I agree with a lot of these stereotypes, but they are very generalized. In Briarcliff, you need to search hard to find decent people. The 7th graders go to a shitload of bar and bat mitzvahs. Many kids the 8th-10th grades are hooked on weed. Briarcliff is filled with cliques. The most stereo-typical Briarcliff kids wear Abercrombie / Hollister / Delia's / Lacoste / Victoria's Secret / Juicy / etc. nearly every day. Their clothes are whatever is in style at the time. The girls all have pin straight hair and are almost always drinking an expensive drink from Starbucks that could easily be bought at the Moonbean Cafe in town, the center of the Manor and a universal smoking spot. The high school recieves Pocantico, Sleepy Hollow, and other town's transfers because their high schools either suck in comparison to Briarcliff's or they don't even have a high school.
In Briarcliff, everyone knows everything about you, and even some things you don't even know about yourself. Usually gossip about yourself is heard by everyone else before you hear it. Some junior was claimed to have a chode and it is still the talk of the school today. Many kids complain about how jappy the town is and how strict the schools are. Although this is true to some extent, the kids are also ignoring the amazing education they are receiving.
Town sucks ass. There are a few crappy shops and restaurants, all of which are highly overpriced and ugly. The youth center, as stated before, is (or used to be at least) a popular smoking spot. Mostly skaters, their girlfriends, and kids who have nowhere else to socialize come to town.
Because of the strictly Jewish / Christian / white population, many freshmen are stunned when black kids transfer into the school. Kids are even more shocked when they are sent off to college and forced to function in the real world, where there are people who are actually struggling with financial issues and are of different racial backgrounds.
If you're from Briarcliff and you meet people from other states/counties and they ask where you're from, you sigh and say Westchester.
Person 1: Where are you from?
Person 2: Briarcliff.
Person 1: Oh, you must be a stuck up bitch...
Person 2: No, actually, I'm not. Rare, I know.
by alexissuperduper April 26, 2008
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A small town in New York with mostly finacially comfortable people living in it. Most people are very nice, but it is more than easy to find JAPs and even some CAPs. A lot of people are spoiled, but they can still be nice.
Susie's such a jap, and Sally's so sweet. How are they both from Briarcliff?
by BlueAqua April 04, 2006
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A small town in the middle of Westchester, New York. A stereotypical Briarcliff person is believed to be rich, smart, and enjoys partying. While Briarcliff does have one of the best school districts in the country, the residents are not all geniuses, and Briarcliff does have less wealthy residents. Although these residents are not poor as in city standards, many Briarcliff residents do struggle with money due to super high taxes. It has wealthy residents as well as residents who are going bankrupt and losing their jobs. Most people only live there while their children are attending the school, and once the children graduate, they move away.
It is a common misconception that all Briarcliff teenagers spend every weekend partying. Yes there are many kids who do that, as in every town, but there are also many kids who don't drink or do drugs and spend their weekends relaxing and hanging out in the small town.
A popular story about the town is that the very last building on the street (not the Patio) is cursed, as recently, anyone who has owned that property has either died or experienced a death in the family causing them to sell the place. Not 1 owner has been able to hold on to the property for longer than a year since the owner of a soap and perfume store in that location, died. It is rumored she died in the building and has haunted it since.
Briarcliff is just like any other town, but a lot of people like to insult it because it has some wealthier residents.
Random Person: (to their son) Those girls are from Briarcliff, they would be a good catch. They are smart, pretty, rich, and like to party.

Briarcliff Girl: (to her friend) Wow, did you hear that? Some people don't know the difference between what is a stereotype and what's true.
by ninjagirl19 October 27, 2011
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A small town in Westchester County, NY that happens to have higher taxes causeing the more wealthy people to be the ones who can afford to live there. NOT to be mistaken for a JAP town.
Did you see the fianly to the Apprentice last night?

Yes, Bill who ran the event at the golf course in Briarcliff won.
by S March 31, 2005
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Another word for a town filled with stuck up, snobby, A&F people who walk around with sticks up their asses and think they shit nuggets of gold.
"Oh Charles, lets move out of the country into a nice modest mansion in a Briarcliff."

"That sounds scrumptious Lovey."
by Jenn November 24, 2003
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Cheap shitty housing for Kutztown University, where parties are the best and the rent is cheap. 1970's looking housing! Commonly just called Cliffs
Drunk Freshman: Yo, let's go party at 531 Cliffs
Dumb Firend: Cliffs?
Freshman: Yea the Briar Cliffs, where housing is cheap and shitty, but the parties are wild.
Dumb Friend: Sounds Good!
by 95mazdaspeedmx6 March 17, 2011
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