Someone who does the exact same job as everyone else at the company but gets paid less because of the false promise for an education. A scam scheme to pay people less than the minimum wage when working out pay per hour. A disgraceful scheme.
The apprentice asked me if she can get a wage based on her performance, I laughed at that even though she does show me up with my job.
by FrankyWanky January 20, 2021

A young person who is learning a trade or proffesion by working alongside an expert, usually for a set period of time at low wages.

The apprentice learns from a master or misstress.
by Jafje May 10, 2007
A BTEC way of life. Don't bother with doing an apprenticeship if you have a brain
Ah an apprentice is really just a BTEC way of life
by FrankyWanky February 10, 2021
a stupid show that everyone cant resist watching, including me people compete to work for trump, (a job which they probably dont do anything for him, i doubt they ever see trump again after the show)- all you see is trump acting as if he owns the world and bragging about how good all his companies are doin, its just a big commerical to see what a buisnessman trump is, i hate him, i hate his show, yet i watch it every week
You see Trump on the Apprentice? what an egomaniac.
by ushouldbefired November 18, 2005
Usually preceded by The, The Apprentice is a show where randomly picked out of the mental institute idiots try to win a nonexistant prize by doing crazy get-rich schemes. Donald Trump tells them they're fired and they go back to the institute.
"Last week on The Apprentice, they had to sell hamburgers at McDonald's, so Danny dressed up like a hobo and chucked baseballs into a hole in a piece of cardboard. Did you see it?"

"Nah, Survivor put me to sleep."

1. (occupational) an esteemed learner. an intermediate level worker or beginner who gets paid for it!

2. (social) a good hearted person who is rough around the edges and yet to learn lolol. self-education and a sprinkle of humility will seriously help to speed thing up though.

3. a title more people should be comfortable with both occupationally and socially

"she's a promising apprentice"


"did you hear what Jake did yesterday?"
"ah, yeah. he's an apprentice, he'll learn."
by mediocre_gal_s August 6, 2020
-Reality show on NBC starring real estate mogul Donald Trump where in he and his top aides, George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher judge several contestants (some college graduates, some not) during weeks of business project tasks to see who would best fit to win a job in Trump's billion dollar coporation.

-Contestants audition and are expected to show to the auditions dressed professionally and with resumes in hand and prepare to be interviewed.

-Final contestants live in a penthouse in Trump Tower in New York City as they break off into 2 teams and go against each other on various business tasks which range from rebuilding and redecorating and renting out hotel rooms to creating an advertising campagin for some company.

-The losing team meets in the boardroom where the team captain and 1 or 2 people they pick to blame for their team's loss are questioned by Trump, Ross, and Kepcher. Whoever comes up with the weakest defense for themselves or who comes off angry/disturbed/dumb is fired and eliminated from the show.

-Show is most famous for its boardroom scene where Donald hands out the infamous "You're Fired" quote to an unlucky contestant to be cut from the show.

-Previous Apprentice winners are
Season 1:Bill Rancic
Season 2:Kelly Perdew
Season 3:Kendra Todd
Ex1-Some of the most memorable Apprentice contestants have been Omarosa and Raj.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 15, 2005