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A store for girly girls, lots of fun. Sells some vintage looking clothes. Also some very unique pieces. Price ranges are usually not that bad, but will occasionally overprice jeans. Really cute skirts. Stylish, size ranges go from very small to very big. People shop there who also shop at hot topic, and people shop there who also shop at abercrombie. An overall good store. Great when on sale.
1: Hey, look at this cute skirt I got at delias! It only cost 10 bucks.

2: Wow, that's good!
by tinydancer July 28, 2005
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A teenage girl store that has gone pretty mainstream, spreading to a mall near you. Cute clothes that are supposed to be 'alternative' but most people buy them. Large assortment of print t-shirts that are a big hit. Teenage girls who like this store also tend to like American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, H&M, ect.
Mary- omg! A&F is supa stoopid. We should like go check out Delias. Its like so totally different and cool.

...NEXT DAY...

Mary: Oh what a coincedence!
Other girl at school: did you get that shirt a Delias?
Mary: yah...
Other girl at school: yah, me too...
by ily4 April 15, 2008
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a store/magazine which used to sell regular clothes and accesories, but it has now turned into a sort of store that sells a lot of scenester clothes. in a way, its kind of like urban outfitters now. some of their stuff is cute though and their jeans are alright.
scenester 2: YaHH its like fashion EX core hehEH!
me: o_O;
by sdklhhflhsdfg August 23, 2005
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An over-priced, low quality trendy store/catalog for 14 year old preppy girls who want to be scene.
Their mommies usually put in massive orders a few times a year and never bat an eyelash that those tacky polyurethane boots are $89.
Girl One: Like my new clothes? Mommy bought them for me from Delia's. This plaid hipster shirt was only $39.50!

Girl Two: I got one that looks exactly like Target for $15. Your mother is an idiot.
by Laetizia November 18, 2009
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