Someone you care for deeply.
A partner who's a constant thing in your life.
A lover who you would give up your world for just to be with them.
The person you love and hold everymorning in their wake, and kiss their cheeks on a chilly morning, just to warm them up with your hot lips.
The love of your life whom you have given your love, your life, your hopes, your dreams, who have stucked with you through thick and thin, dismissed all your flaws and seen through your skin, accepted your errors, fought for your love, cherished you love, understood your emotions and known how to treat you, fill your days with romance and laughter, reciting small poetic phrases from the top of his head just to make you smile and cry, smileing at your mischief and missing you when you're not there, and not changing an inch when you're there.
He is her lovey, don't you know? She's lucky to have him with her.

He is her life, her soul, the very smile she wears in her mornings, her dreams she sleeps with all night, the blanket curved perfectly around her figure, her LOVEY, and she.. His life.

He is Lovey's Lovey Lovey.
by Lovey&Shawny February 21, 2006
A person that means everything to you and that you would do anything for.
I am glad that I have a lovey that makes my life worth while.
by KENDRA MERTINS September 15, 2004
The only person in the world who makes you feel like your heart skips beats and beats faster at the SAME time! The person who makes you feel complete. The person you want to wake up next to every morning for the rest of your life. The only person in the entire world that you want to marry and share your life with!!
My lovey just proposed to me, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!!
by CaelaCoop March 15, 2010
A sweet, innocent, and raspy lover.

One whom could do no wrong, who never leaves, and moves with flawless motion.
I found me the perfect lovey.
by Ophelia’sLymph May 23, 2020
An act in which you lust or love someone and you act flirty and silly, sometimes playing stupid. You become blinded by what is reality versus your fantasy. Being lovey usually consists of; holding hands, long romantic kisses, cautious or careful or gently touching as if they are fragile, being adorable or cute, making everyone jealous because you share something special or unique.
Ayla: "I wish my boyfriend would hold me an be all lovey like that."
by xx05fallen08angel11xx May 1, 2012
Someone’s favorite childhood stuffed animal, pillow, or blanket, that they have a strong emotional bond with.
My bunny is my lovey.
by Heyitsj000 August 25, 2020
A younger grandma that her grandkids can't wait to go chill with. Shows an abundance of love and affection ❤️
"over the river and through the woods to loveys's house we go"
by Mystikal Vibes February 27, 2021