1) Tending to form into many exclusive groups of friends which rarely, if ever, mix with each other.
2) Describing someone who organizes his/her social life such that all of his/her friends all fit into one or a few exclusive groups (cliques).
"Dude, my old high school was so cliquey that I couldn't make friends with that other group of guys if I wanted to."

"She's so cliquey, she'll never hang out with anyone except her preppy girl friends."
by Paulthemapguy March 25, 2008
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A group of "friends" metaphorically giving each other oral sex.
I hang out with my cliquey friends in a pub every night and you're not allowed hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
by Dr-Doctor August 27, 2016
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(of a group or place) tending to form or hold exclusive groups and so not welcoming to outsiders.
a lot of boys grew up together, and the school was cliquey
by luxatlantic February 22, 2019
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