The people here are stuck up, rich, and constipated. You will find a lot of devout christians and a lot of crazy republicans. It will take a lot of time to find the kind, understanding, smart people here in Westchester. Let's start with Briarcliff Manor. Briarcliff manor is filled with jocks that can finish a pass but not a sentence, girls that know all the different styles of clothing but can't finish an additon problem.
Chappaqua is considered the ghetto of Westchester. Usually the kids here are more ready for the outside world rather than the Briarcliff kids.
Sleepy Hollow is a surreal place, where the white kids are constant war with the Hispanic kids. Drugs are smoked/injected less than 30 feet from the school. They are all rich and buy designer shoes every week.
Girls in general are BITCHES. You can recognize a Westchester Girl by their advertising of their own clothes on their clothes, if that even makes sense. They generally wear Abercrombie/Juicy/Hollister, while exposing small portions of their torso. They talk with a long island accent and drag out their consonants.
Boys act 'Gangsta' and wear their pants on their knees. They think they're black and listen to rap at maximum volume on their Beats headphones. They generally flirt with girls using body contact and smell of sweat and puke, probably from an overdose of non-prescription drugs.
This place is only for idiots, and the non-idiots who are surviving there.
Briarcliff Girl: heeeeyyyy....waaaannaaaaa sssmmoookkeeee...?
Non-Briarcliff person: Why the hell d you drag out your consonants?
Westchester County. Land of idiots.
'Definition is too long'
by ChaosThePony May 10, 2012
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