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A phrase, origin of which is in Hebrew, it is very popular phrase in Israel. It's equivalent to "It's nothing, really" or "Ah, piece of cake!". It's usually said to someone who is going to complete some tough or bummer task, or already completed it.
Elad: "GOD! Are you really about to join the 20 miles bicycle race?!"
Igor: "In the small ..."

Misha: "Oh, you ate it all by yourself?!"
John: "In the small ..."
by _Igor_ July 27, 2005
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This phrase comes from the Hebrew Phrases and have many meanings as "This is not difficult", or "This is not a problem for me", Proposed for something that is very easy to do or not taking so much effort.
HE:Do you think you can help me carry this?
SHE:No i'm to tired
HE Come on its "in the Small" just few books

Second Example:
He:Have you been to the party yesterday
SHE:Yes but in the small, just for 1 hour.
by Gilad Boker August 03, 2005
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