A movie made in 1984 about some aspiring Break-dancers. Included some kinda story that involved love and a successful career dancing professionally, but mostly revolved around dope scenes of real-life dancers Boogaloo Shrimp and Shabba-Doo doing some tight poppin, lockin, and break dancin. And there is a kinda weird guy who wears tight pants who is there for no reason I can tell.
Boogaloo Shrimp: Man, them Electro Rock cats is weak, but they insulted us!

Shabba-Doo: Well, if they push it, we'll cut em!

(Hella tight dance scene follows)
by PerForceOne June 22, 2004
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in the Bay Area, we use the term "breakin" when you're at a party/the club on the dancefloor and are freak dancin' to the max.
"Daaamn! Last night at the club i was breakin' hella niggas off! They couldn't handle me ;)"
by thisgirrrrrrrrl March 27, 2008
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a slang term used to describe one is taking a break from work or strenuous activity.
michael acts like he doesn't even have to study for finals; he is always breakin it.
by erieee December 11, 2009
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the slang term used by the children of the bronx and beyond to describe the dance of the b-boy and b-girl. NOT "break dancing", a term coined by the media in the 70s and 80s.
Hey Deevo, lets get sum breakin in before the big showdown at sundown.
by wiggum_P.I March 23, 2004
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Well it’s back to breakin’ rocks for me, I’m goin’ back inside for my ninth - or is it my tenth? - term!
by Dr Bunnygirl July 2, 2020
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"That means a N***a eatin real good" (Rob Jackson)
"We still ballin we still eatin good break a whole lotta sketti in the pot"
(From Breakin' Sketti by Rob Jackson and Bun B of UGK)
by Mekanix September 18, 2003
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This phrase has a few different meanings. It could mean that you're letting loose and having some fun you know, just going ham. Just like raging out at a party or something. However this phrase could also mean just going the hell off on someone for a stupid or non-apparent reason.

Basically a random outburst of either positive or negative actions.
Dude, me and Ray were breakin' weird last night at that party. It was awesome!

Dude, Mrs.Cockburn broke weird on Ray today in class for sharpening his pencil too many times.
by raymundorocket313 January 23, 2011
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