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A movie made in 1984 about some aspiring Break-dancers. Included some kinda story that involved love and a successful career dancing professionally, but mostly revolved around dope scenes of real-life dancers Boogaloo Shrimp and Shabba-Doo doing some tight poppin, lockin, and break dancin. And there is a kinda weird guy who wears tight pants who is there for no reason I can tell.
Boogaloo Shrimp: Man, them Electro Rock cats is weak, but they insulted us!

Shabba-Doo: Well, if they push it, we'll cut em!

(Hella tight dance scene follows)
by PerForceOne June 22, 2004
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in the Bay Area, we use the term "breakin" when you're at a party/the club on the dancefloor and are freak dancin' to the max.
"Daaamn! Last night at the club i was breakin' hella niggas off! They couldn't handle me ;)"
by thisgirrrrrrrrl March 27, 2008
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1) to forcefully enter a building.
2) to work on an object or article of clothing to make it less new (break IT in).
3) to have sex with a virgin (break HER in).
When the Tri Delts got to McDonald's too late and it was closed, they realized they would have to either break in or face the terrible possibility of not getting their favorite food in the world, the triple XXL double cheese bacon burger.

Banana Republic salesman: "Now this outfit would look totally cute on you, but it may take some time to break in."
Josh Hartnett: "I'll break you in."
Banana Republic salesman: "Oh yeah big boy, I'll meet you in the dressing room in 5 minutes."

Rob: "Congratulations on the wedding, buddy."
Brad: "Thanks. I'm so happy Sally stayed a virgin for me all these years."
Rob: "Hate to break it to you, but that's bullshit. I broke the bitch in a few months ago when she was passed out at Jeff's party."
by Nick D January 28, 2004
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the slang term used by the children of the bronx and beyond to describe the dance of the b-boy and b-girl. NOT "break dancing", a term coined by the media in the 70s and 80s.
Hey Deevo, lets get sum breakin in before the big showdown at sundown.
by wiggum_P.I March 23, 2004
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