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A member of the Wu-Tang Clan. As Method Man says, he cooks up some marvelous shit. He has talent like fat people have chins.
Aiyo slash your position
Verbal mic physician
Blow lines like chimes in the kitchen
by PerForceOne June 22, 2004
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A movie made in 1984 about some aspiring Break-dancers. Included some kinda story that involved love and a successful career dancing professionally, but mostly revolved around dope scenes of real-life dancers Boogaloo Shrimp and Shabba-Doo doing some tight poppin, lockin, and break dancin. And there is a kinda weird guy who wears tight pants who is there for no reason I can tell.
Boogaloo Shrimp: Man, them Electro Rock cats is weak, but they insulted us!

Shabba-Doo: Well, if they push it, we'll cut em!

(Hella tight dance scene follows)
by PerForceOne June 22, 2004
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