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Boogaloo origin: Orgy by a group of island native midgets
Boogaloo: being fucked in every hole
I just boogaloo'd by some sexy dudes.
by Boogaloo Clan September 22, 2013
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A common Libertarian meme to reference the overthrowing of a government or authoritarian force by a(n) (armed) revolution.

This can also be in regard to a societal revolution whereby the citizenry of the United States become aware of the reality of certain political topics, or are “ redpilled ”, rather than using their preconceived emotions to form an opinion on those specific political topics.
Dude: Rising politicians are calling for the banning of certain firearms, and these new Red Flag laws are allowing for the police to confiscate our firearms!

Ancap: It’s Boogaloo time.
by iRunFromTheTaxman March 12, 2019
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term used to describe the upcoming libertarian revolution against the government. This term is used so mods on instagram and other platforms don’t catch on. 3%’s also use this phrase but it is mostly used on gun meme accounts on the gram.
“Dude I got this sweep palmetto state armory AR for the boogaloo” -John
“dude you can afford something better than that dog” -Josh
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Of a pop culture artifact (eg: movies, TV, music, books) - for the finished product to be enjoyable for the earnestness of the creators and over-the-top style of the craft, rather than the so-called objective quality of the finished work.

Inspired by the film title "Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo" and popularized on the podcast "Kung Fu Electric Boogaloo."
"Ninja 3: The Domination isn't a great movie, but it's the most boogaloo movie ever made!"
by Cubreporterk January 06, 2019
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Boogaloo is a certain dance when u swing ur shoulders up and down real quick!
Hey ya'll jump on the flo' do break ya neck and get a little boogaloo too!!!!!
by Kevin February 04, 2004
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It's by default a slang word mainly used among French-Canadian living in the province of Quebec to define all sloppy, dirty, oily, smelly and poor black Afro Canadian. Boogaloo usually drives very dirty, rusty and shitty color foreign cars such as rown or beige old Nissan or purple Toyota's. What we do call "A piece of shit car". They will not care when changing lanes or don't care if they hit you
Look at that fuckin' boogaloo!!

Oh look at that piece of shit car.. It must be a boogaloo driving that
by xecuter October 26, 2007
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