German royalty made up of brilliant beautiful people, unfortunatly misspelled by most.
That girl is amazing at everything! She must be a Brandenburg!
by Cleopatra05 September 30, 2005
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A town in Kentucky. This town is kinda ass cheeks or at least some of the people are. I heard that some high schoolers bark at each other like dogs. It's expected.
Stacy : Yo you live in Brandenburg???????????

Lola : Yeah I don't really like living here tho.

Stacy : Why????????

Lola: Idk it's just ass cheeks living here.
by Xx.Apple_Sauce.xX January 13, 2022
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An egomaniac who just happens to play the trumpet beautifully
He's such a Brandenburg--he was showing off on his solo again
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the brandenburg way of taking over the world, there will be beer and everyone gets to have fun and play poker. As long as they aren't stupid.

A wonderful way to live.
by mimi=] February 15, 2010
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A small town 45 minutes away from Louisville Kentucky that is full of drama, cheaters, stds, and liers. It has nothing to do and it never changes. There are always parties, drinking, and fighting.
Dude Greg went to brandenburg over the weekend and came back with a hangover, black eye, and I'm pretty sure an std.
by spanky270 June 1, 2011
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While sporting a cowboy hat and bandanna, do a chick doggy style with her hair in one hand and a Budweiser in the other, thus mimicking a bandit on a horse.
Local Country Girl: Mark came home drunk last night so I ended up getting the Brandenburg Bandit.
by Lucky Sumbitch August 6, 2008
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Also: Brandenburg moment, Berlin Brandenburg moment (without the dash (-))

When someone realises a project will be repeatedly delayed beyond it's initial promised release/opening date due to unforeseen problems with the project.

Named after the infamous Berlin Brandenburg Airport which was repeatedly delayed due to construction flaws and project corruption, which finally opened on 31st October 2020, almost 10 years late.
Joe: Are you kidding? This new game has been delayed again until 2022...

Robert: That's a real Berlin-Brandenburg moment right there
by A Random European Gamer November 6, 2020
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