The paper thin, white paper sheets available in most public bathrooms to place between your cheeks and and the seat. Can be easily folded and worn to look like a cowboy hat.
Matt came back from the bathroom with a new cowboy hat. Too bad the waitress at Denny's didn't let it slide.
by Kyle Barry August 24, 2006
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If a person puts his or her cowboy hat on you that means they’re claiming you. You’re theirs now. This could also mean that they are planning on taking you home.
Did you hear that John cowboy hatted Sarah at the party the other night?
by User19376283774 May 14, 2021
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A rule made to keep people (ladies) from stealing your cowboy hat. If you wear a cowboy'hat, you have to ride the cowboy!
Well seeing as how you don't made off with my hat, your truck or mine in accordance with the cowboy hat rule.

Excuse me pretty lady, I assume since you're wearing my hat, you're ready to obey the cowboy hat rule!
by Elk_newbie June 27, 2017
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A disposable toilet seat cover typically found in public restrooms (see assgasket), so called because of its uncanny resemblance to a Stetson hat when the center is punched out and it is placed upon the head. And, because they're free.
Jimmy prefers the stalls to the urinals, because he always gets a free cowboy hat.
by doritoboi November 5, 2006
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basically the same thing as Cwigger. A usually male adolescent who feels he has the right to boast ignorantly about his hard life, and then runs around acting like a gangster while wearing a bandanna (his flag) and a cheap cowboy hat.

A person who is somehow able to love both Country music and rap/pop music at the same time and still be sane.
"Omg, can you believe that guy! He goes around talking so much crap and then doesn't back it up, then he goes and rocks out to Toby Keith ,, thinkin' he's a badass, what a wigger in a cowboy hat!!"
by Happynoodlegal July 7, 2009
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The in-bathroom stall papers that create a gasket seal over the toilet bowl, or when used over the head, provide a uniqe headpiece.
As Jon left the bathroom, he decided to accentuate his wardrope by taking an extra Polish Cowboy Hat and placing it on his well-combed head.
by howyoudoin January 6, 2005
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With a hint of sarcasm, and a wink, it's all you have to say to 'a male' wearing 'a cowboy hat' to make him feel completely gay, become completely embarrassed and leave whatever establishment he is patronizing. The only exception would be if he were a participant in an actual rodeo. In such an instance I suppose it would be appropriate to wear a cowboy hat, but still gay.
I was at this bar the other night and this dude wearing a cowboy hat walked up to me and I said, "nice cowboy hat" and I winked at him. He looked at me like I was gay or something, and then amazingly everyone started saying, "nice cowboy hat" until he finally turned red and left.
by cockninja July 15, 2006
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