When the tea is really beefy
“Omg did you hear what Stephanie was saying about you? Bovril!”
by Gareth the G.O.A.T May 01, 2019
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A meaty substance Josh Wiltshire loves to consume in the gallons.
Josh wilshire drinks bovril and on Tuesdays he uses frozen bovril as a suppositories.

What the frick is wrong with that boy, he seems to be glugging bovril By the pint! Oh josh Wiltshire is a very strange boy
by Mrviofunny December 02, 2019
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Like I care! I don't care! I'm not bothered! Originally used by Michael Wenden of Malvern, UK
I ain't bovrilled! or just bovrilled!
by Ollie Hambrey December 07, 2004
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When someone grows an unstoppable addiction to drinking gravy.
"I can now say, Hollie suffers from bovrilitis"
by Chris Gilleard April 27, 2006
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Bovril (bo-vver-ill) is a scrummy yummy for your tummy sometmes thick but sometimes runny cold soup sauce. Bovril can be either yeast or beef extract, contrary to popular belief. Bovril was invented by the uterus people of egypt in 1423! FACT!
"bovril is scrummy!"
"it sure is billy, it sure is"
by The Bovril King September 29, 2007
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