3 definitions by Mrviofunny

A meaty substance Josh Wiltshire loves to consume in the gallons.
Josh wilshire drinks bovril and on Tuesdays he uses frozen bovril as a suppositories.

What the frick is wrong with that boy, he seems to be glugging bovril By the pint! Oh josh Wiltshire is a very strange boy
by Mrviofunny December 02, 2019
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chebbs (che-b-bs) or chebbage is a term used to describe female breasts that are particularly voluptuous, well shaped or busty.
yo check out dat gyall over dere she got big chebbs. i wish my girl had her chebbage
by Mrviofunny October 12, 2020
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The only thing other than bovril which Josh lives for
Woah did you see that tranny Josh moved to
by Mrviofunny December 03, 2019
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