Something that makes no sense.

Having no particular meaning

Boy: Have you ever bathed in Grapes?
Girl: What? Thats cold soup!!
by Breotch June 30, 2008
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To cold soup ‘em is referring to the use of cold tomato soup to remove skunks from a hole, into a heated box
Person 1: “I have skunk problem.”
Person 2: “Just cold soup ‘em, that’s humane.”
by KingJim June 4, 2022
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When you're with a girl & your friend asks you "if you guys are dating yet", and he unintentionally forces you to ask her out, right there on the spot.
Friend-"Aw, ya'll cute, are ya'll dating yet?"
*Looking at that man like, WHYYYYY!?*

You- "Do you wanna go out with me?"
*After she leaves*

BRO, you hit me with cold soup.
by pyrxmydz January 11, 2015
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Heating up cold soup is when a person rekindles a romantic relationship from their (usually distant) past.

The soup is analogous to the relationship in this analogy—and that soup isn’t just room’s straight up cold. Thus, the general sentiment is that the rekindling is with someone one has neither spoken with nor seen (nor obsessed over) in years.
Late 20’s Girl #1: What are you doing tonight?
Late 20’s Girl #2: Watching a movie at my apartment with Matt...
Late 20’s Girl #1: Who is Matt?
Late 20’s Girl #2: Matt high school boyfriend.
Late 20’s Girl #1: Talk about heating up cold soup.
Late 20’s Girl #2: Yeah. Don’t tell anyone.
by Windton September 13, 2020
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Shit gravy that your friend made and poured on her shitty mash potato and sweed, and also opens up a can of soup and grates cheese and puts butter in the soup and eats it cold, then finally she gets decimated by Prison warden BIG BOI BILL and his massive cannon while contemplating whether your accident was your fault and if you require compensation
Lumpy Gravy, cold
by KingKrabKok July 17, 2018
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When someone pisses on the snow and proceeds to fuck a person on top of the snow on the bed of piss, only to instead of cum inside of the partner to proceed and piss inside of the partner to warm them from the cold
"Me and tony had some cold soup last night, it was great!"
by Emma+friends February 22, 2017
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