The 8th wonder of the world. A frequent visitor to a certain internet forum, he scares anyone who comes across him.

At first, people want to help him cross the road, or help him carry his shopping. But in an instant, the person is then scared he will steal their wallet/purse, and try to avoid him asking them to buy him some cider from the off license.

He's the oldest 12 year old that ever lived.
"Hello sir, can I help you carry your shoppi... oh what the fuck?! No! No I will not buy you some cider! You're only twelve!... I think"

"That must be that Boothy I've heard so much about..."
by Mr Motivator the Second September 29, 2009
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The partner of a friend that is not only ugly, but a complete twat. You can see no reason why anyone would want to be with this person as they're lacking in looks as well as personality.
Everyone has a boothy, he was mine.

Why is he dating that boothy?
by Poe Bird November 26, 2010
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Fucking bastard face city fan that licks other boys cocks. E.g Woody.Also he has a bannana hed.
by Ben King March 17, 2004
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Pronounced 'Booooothy'

He is the best person around! Nickname originated from the phone booth slippers he wore as a child! The big man who drives a truck wearing a checked shirt jeans and suit jacket who enjoys a good pint of dark mild!
He has been spending most of his life living in Boothys paradise!
Quote 'Has tha nowt moist, Boothy?'
by Boooooooothy October 20, 2013
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fat headed twat.banana shaped head with a high voice. he also kisses boys
" oh dickehead woody" screamed boothy
by Phil M 11M All hallows high October 20, 2003
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