28 definitions by Donald

deboosh replaces any noun in a sentence...so it means all
Damn that girl has a lot of deboosh; it makes me hard in pants.

That damn man debooshed all over my carpet.
by Donald April 6, 2005
Someone who gets smacked up fo bein a lil' biotch.
Greg Wheeler is a fougaisie.
by Donald January 8, 2004
In the Dance Dance Revolution series, a combination of a quarter note and an eigtht note.
There's a ton of Kerrops on Candy on standard.
by Donald March 5, 2003
adam booth smells fat gjksdjhdflfgsdfhsdhsdf
by Donald March 17, 2005
SHRIMP BUCKET is the vagina and all its glory
Boy does she have a tasty SHRIMP BUCKET, what should i order for desert ?
by Donald December 16, 2004