1. Lend us some money mate, I aint been paid yet so I've got Nowt.
2. Allinson's Bread quote "Bread wi' Nowt taken out!".
by Bruce Lee March 29, 2003
I can’t believe you put salt in the sugar jar, you little nowt
by franm July 2, 2020
Yorkshire slang for nothing, can be used in a variety of ways
You can do nowt,
Hear nowt,
Say nowt
Look at nowt
Shout at nowt

But you can always do owt as well as summat.
by Proper Sheffield lad July 30, 2021
Deriving from the combination of the English slang term for nothing ('nowt') and the word head, as in, I have a pain in my head. Nowt-head is a descriptive term to identify someone without purpose or goal. Usually used as a derogatory term but not exclusively as one can describe one's self as a 'Nowt-head'
'stay away from that lad he's a proper nowt-head'

'I can't believe I have missed the bus to that job interview because I was masturbating, what a nowt-head I am'
by Dr Norman Bosbonovich February 4, 2013