An effectation of a lifestyle, i.e., limited luxury and limited refinement aka, mannerisms, speech, dress, appearance, spending habits. Presentation as one who is above the general status quo for a particular race or ethnic group.

More commonly applied to one who has a ghetto upbringing, but because of further education and/or employment, shows no trace of that upbrining.

However, if pressured enough, the individual normally revert back to their ethnic upbringing.
As she stepped out of her designer shoes and removed her designer jewlery, she was heard to remark "Don't let this booshie fool you. I'm from the ghetto and will whoop your monkey ass!"
by Cakesy June 16, 2008
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To act and think of yourself more highly than you ought while, at the same time, looking down on others.
by imkel July 17, 2009
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Someone stuck up, considers themself better than others, talks, acts, and thinks they are the shit, cocky mofos
Nicole: Falisha is so booshie!!!
Quince: Ya i know...homegirl don't play!
by sarcastic biotch December 13, 2009
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Something that is over the top, too rich, too extravagant, or just yuppie.

Can also be used for a person who's all about money.
Man, this club is so boozhee, lets get the fuck out.

He used to kick it with us all the time, but now he's boozhee.
by Jerry Gomez April 15, 2004
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Booshie is characterized as being part of the upper class. Also, people who feel that they are above others. They wear designer clothing to set them apart from others. They try to have a vocabulary of their own. They try to walk in a certain manner.
She is a booshie female trying to talk that way.
by Queen Maker August 13, 2018
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Booshy booshy is to touch someone's boob or boobs
"Hey guys did you know Jayden booshy booshied Tessa"
"Nah dude I had no idea Jayden would Booshy booshy Tessa"
by Kaleeen May 09, 2019
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That performance art piece was too booshy for me.
That girl is mad booshy, she hangs with those socialites.
by shitcametalking October 19, 2010
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