Expression used by the X-ticles in the tv show "Frisky Dingo" to express awesomeness. Sometimes in intense cases it can even be modified to "BA-BA-BOOSH" and can be used in daily life during instances of pwnage or other extreme craziness.
by MrPersp3ctive August 23, 2007
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boosh {bʷuːʃʷ} {bʷuwʃʷ}

1: Onomatopoetic word mimicking the sound of a cannon firing or a large mass splashing down into water. Popularized by the 2006 cartoon Frisky Dingo. Used to express awesomeness, to punctuate reality when situations call for it.

Appropriate for pwnage, victoriousness, excitement, physical collisions, mental collisions, being dumbstruck, awestruck, firing weapons, explosions... can also be used ironically, turned around when suffering extreme defeat, being pwned etc.

Appropriate to be used be a 3rd party not directly involved in the situation, but in witness to it, or hearing about it later.

Sometimes expanded to "ba-ba-boosh" when just one boosh isn't enough for the situation.

2: (much less likely) reference to The Mighty Boosh, a British comedy troupe, or their television show of the same name... you know, the one with Old Gregg: "I'm Old Gregg!! I got a man-gina!"
"Just aced my exam, BOOSH!"
"Your mom just aced *my* exam... Boosh!"

"Oh shit he's gonna crash into that tree! (crash) ...Boosh!"

"Hey Freddie, boss said we're getting double bonuses this year"
Freddie: "Ba-Ba-BOOSH!"

Toasting with da Dom Perignon, "Boosh"

Of course, when firing a weapon: "Boosh!"

Xander Crews: "That play was like, boosh!"

X-tacle (showing photo): "That's Crews, smashin' Ronnie's nuts.."
X-tacle2: "Boosh!"
by Tr1cki3 November 22, 2011
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1. Used to express joy, happiness, delight, or happyness.
2. Used to express repugnance or contempt.
3. Used to interrupt a conversation.
4. Used to suprise or jolt another.
5. A combination of any or all of the above at once.
Tickle the scrotum of logic topwise! Boosh, checkmate!
by Mithgil April 12, 2003
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Used to describe accomplishing a goal or task. Such as making a shot in beer pong, in pool, or after a successful thats what she said joke. Must be proclaimed in a loud manor.
Matt aims at the last cup in beer pong...shoots, and sinks it.
Matt: "boosh"
by sweetywheety September 2, 2008
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to milk a cash cow until its udders are empty and wrinkly like a ball bag, and even the most dedicated followers turn their backs and start using the DVDs as frisbees and coasters.
We used to love our loyal fans, but now we need to try and get as many people Booshed as we can.
by Anthrax69 October 21, 2008
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Something that Jack Black snacks on right after the show.

See Tenacious D
"Snackin on a tasty boosh, right after the show..."
by Alex June 15, 2004
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The art of the horizontal polka, doin the nasty, bumping uglies, hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing, to sauce, to shag, slopping hogs, parking the beef bus in 'Tuna Town', Aztec two-step Boarding the ham train to Pussyopolis, Buttering the muffin, Cave exploring, Fornicating, Genital exercise, Having a bit of the cramstick, Hiding the sausage, 'it', Jigging, Knocking boots, Laying some pipe, making babies, Nailing , Oops, Probing the membrane, Quickie, Rubbing bacons, Running the naked wheelbarrow race, Sexercizing, Sewing up the hatchet wound, Taking it to the car wash, Trading a bit of hard for a bit of soft, Ugh ugh, Vaginal bungee jumping, Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am, and Zwooshing the swoosh.
Those two crazy cats booshed on the hood.
And Jamie and Bret were caught booshing in the car.
by KappaBeasty March 28, 2005
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