Sexy, beautiful, amazing in bed, and the best damn time ever in a park. You will be pleased all times. It's like a 5 star restaurant. You want all falishas you could find.
Booty. Beautiful. Booty. Falisha
by The king bra March 26, 2013
She is a big, strong, beautiful black woman who don't need no man. Typically a fun sponge who over uses the phrase "Damn girl, hold my hoops!!" Also 'NO' is a favourite word. She can be an angry person who likes to swipe things, including peoples faces. Falisha is G.H.E.T.T.O :D
"That girl has a Falisha booty"
"Falisha says NO!!
by Derpette McHerpson January 6, 2012
She has a flat ass but keeps neglecting it. She is a bad bleep. She is kind and sweet. She curses like a damn bitchy ass. She is annoying when shes tired. She is not boycrazy but can get a little boycrazy when she sees smokin boys. TVD is life goals for her.
Emma is being such a falisha.
by November 27, 2021