Sexy, beautiful, amazing in bed, and the best damn time ever in a park. You will be pleased all times. It's like a 5 star restaurant. You want all falishas you could find.
Booty. Beautiful. Booty. Falisha
by The king bra March 26, 2013
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She is a big, strong, beautiful black woman who don't need no man. Typically a fun sponge who over uses the phrase "Damn girl, hold my hoops!!" Also 'NO' is a favourite word. She can be an angry person who likes to swipe things, including peoples faces. Falisha is G.H.E.T.T.O :D
"That girl has a Falisha booty"
"Falisha says NO!!
by Derpette McHerpson January 6, 2012
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She has a flat ass but keeps neglecting it. She is a bad bleep. She is kind and sweet. She curses like a damn bitchy ass. She is annoying when shes tired. She is not boycrazy but can get a little boycrazy when she sees smokin boys. TVD is life goals for her.
Emma is being such a falisha.
by November 27, 2021
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she is my bestie, she always the sweetest and kind one. she never spill your secret, sjhe is the lawyer that u'll die to pay for. hana is always cheerful and the best of the best friend. she always achive what she wanted. may god grant hana's wishes for her path
never hurt hana falisha ady or you get hurt by god.
by al0v3y0u March 17, 2023