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short for quinceañera: a big 15th birthday party popular among hispanic families, it celebrates a girl's coming of age in much the same way a "sweet sixteen" birthday does in some anglo cultures, but is usually more elaborate - a combination of sweet sixteen, Catholic religious ceremony, and debutante ball.
"Laura asked her father to spend $2000 on her dress for her quince.
by Kelly November 18, 2004
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A native fruit of Persia which resembles apples but has a great tangy taste. Quince is considered the fruit of love but not too many people eat it and supermarkets in North America rarely offer this delight. Best when eaten after hardcore sex, it can help to take away the nasty aftertaste of coochie eating.
When Mary visited Iran, her breakfast included slices of quince from the hotel where she stayed.
by RicDaSpic April 12, 2005
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Quince (v. n.) is a word used to describe a man with homosexual tendencies. Mostly cowardly by nature and very anxious, it is likely that this type of male spent a lot of time indoors as a youth. They will also have a particularly camp demeanour.

The use of the word is similar to that of the word "Mince"
Tom, you are a raving Quincer

Tony is such a Quince
by LL Maestro January 04, 2011
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to be a lier, a general (bull-shitter) and twat. somebody who thinks they are above themselves.
matt wynn is a propa (quince), he sed he can fly planes and he is only 16.
by toby burgess April 28, 2005
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