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To overreact irrationally to a situation and attempt to justify behaviour with logical fallacies ('Appeal to Ignorance' being a popular choice).

Actions are often the frustrations of baby boomers, directed towards millennials, usually with the intention of asserting dominance and often the result of an undiagnosed personality disorder combined with an inferiority complex.

Extreme boomering often results in the victim, who has just been blindsided, being labelled as lazy, entitled or a 'bludger'. The victim is usually subject to an alcohol-fuelled surprise interrogation about why they do not own a property, aren't married or raising children by their late-20s. In the rare event that the gen X or gen Y victim does fulfil the previously stated criteria, the boomer will likely resort to inducing guilt, commence tantrum, break something, fall asleep and wake up the next morning with no recollection of the event.
1. "Dad is boomering again. I got my nose pierced on the weekend and before he had even seen it, he was screaming down the phone, telling me that I'm going to be fired from my job as a graphic designer that I've held for nearly four years. I think he's basing it on something he saw about corporate uniform policies on 'A Current Affair'. He says he's going to rip it out when he gets home and that I had better be ready."

2. "Mum got home from work today and she was boomering on about how much she hates her job now. She's just mad because she doesn't know how to use a computer and she's about to get the arse. What does she expect? She still uses a Nokia 3310, carries a cheque book and pays her bills at Australia Post."

3. "My parents are boomering hard this week, I have done four, 12-hour, graveyard shifts at work this week. I had managed to get about five hours sleep after last night's shift and Dad hammers on the bedroom door. Yelling at me to get up, that it's Saturday and I need to get up and mow the lawn. My unemployed younger sister could have done it at any point this week but it seems that the boomers didn't think to ask her. If I don't do it, I will almost definitely get a lecture on how lazy they think I am."
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by neonblondejerk June 10, 2018
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