To snuggle in bed, usually man behind woman.

______ = ARMS
|..........= ABDOMEN
........|...= LEGS
My husband and I 55 every morning for about 15 after the alarm goes off.
by Shelly Bozdog May 2, 2006
A sex game played in the car. The front seat passenger performs oral sex on the driver, who must keep the car at 55 miles per hour without using cruise control.
Let's take the backroads and play 55.
by BHouston May 20, 2012
Pussy. Originated as a way to get around corporate email dirty word filters. Pu55y was used as a substitute and this was shortened to just 55.
That didn't hurt; man you are such a 55.
I gotta get me some 55 tonight.
by Jovitz October 2, 2008
The number of domestic league titles achieved by the world famous Glasgow Rangers as of 07/03/21. This title is the earliest one to be awarded in the 38 game format currently played.
Did you hear that Rangers got 55 yesterday? It’s only the start of March!
by AmzWL March 8, 2021
The international number signifying that someone is a girlfriend/boyfriend stealer.
Uh oh, he's wearing a 55. I'd better watch out for him.
by daweefolk May 28, 2007
The amount of times a creepy weeb looks at someone in an hour.
Eg. James, stop staring at grace! you've done it 55 times in the past hour
by GSTowey October 9, 2020
1. Orange drink Britvic tried flogging about twenty years ago.

2. Maximum age at which a woman generally looks sexy to a sex-starved guy in his late twenties.

3. Maximum speed it is safe to hover around on a 60 mph speed limit road with speed traps likely to be around the curve.
New Britvic 55, new Britvic 55, NEW!!!

She's still gorgeous at 55, and there's definitely no chance of knocking her up.

I'm doing 55. Better not push it with the cops out.
by Fearman November 1, 2007