Person over 30 years old.
-How long since you got your prostate checked?
-Man, I'm barely 32....
-Then you are a few years late; you are an old person already.
by Jumer September 4, 2018
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If you can't read this you either need glasses or you are an Old person.
Guy 1: I saw some Old person on the street asking me for money
Guy 2: Did you give him anything?
Guy 1: Fuck no, old people are scary.
by Oskarmandude2 July 2, 2013
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Someone who is very old but still acts like a child.
Tyler is such an old person child since he is old but needs common things explained to him!
by KrustyKrustt April 16, 2018
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someone whos especially attracted to milfs, gilfs, and dilfs, specifically people who tend to be over the age of 40
Belle: Nana Banana is so fucking hot
Emi: this is like the fifth old lady this week, are you an old person kinker?
by missmærkov November 5, 2021
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